Back Pain After H1N1

I have recently had the H1N1 flu. One of my first symptoms was tingling at the ends of my toes and really bad back pain. I asked around why this would be so and found that the virus itself resides in the nervous system when you are afflicted. Immediately I saw the connection.

The how of why the H1N1 flu would cause so much back pain. My nervous system was under attack! And my “conclusion” is that the vaccine, as most are made, is a strained version of the actual virus designed to help you build immunity. So does it really make sense to put your nervous system under this kind of assult. Better yet, it should make sense as to why the H1N1 flu virus is such a concern.

The deadly part of this virus that it attacks your nervous system. And it is that system that is the conduit that your body communicates with. Therefore, if you have a pre-exsisting condition then putting your nervous system at risk with a vaccine to infect your nervous system will further complicate your ability to fight off other infections. Or cope with the condition you may be challenged with.

So yes, it is normal to have a back pain after vaccine for the H1N1 shot. And yes if you have had the flu then it should be no suprise that your back would hurt since your spinal column contains the most nerve tissue in your whole body.

However, back pain after H1N1 might be a side effect. Considering how much coughing and sneezing you may have done you could have stressed your back muscles or caused one of your vertebrae to go out. Therfore I would recommend seeing a chiropractor after you are feeling better. I saw my chiropractor after my flu and my back doesn’t hurt anymore.

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